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Imagine spending the day hopping from island to island all the length of The Keys chain via your own private seaplane! It's wonderfully unique and adventurous!

Key West Seaplanes® is the originator of "Island Hopping" The Florida Keys and we excitedly remind everyone that "No Passport is Required" since the entire Keys chain lies completely within the boundaries of The United States (keep in mind we can take you outside the United States to The Bahamas and Caribbean as well, if you desire).

Enjoy this most unique and versatile mode of air travel to explore The Keys, stopping at numerous destinations in a single day! Guests often originate travel at Watson Island Seaplane Base near Miami's South Beach or at a land-based airport such as Miami International though you can also originate anywhere on the mainland of Florida or at any point along The Keys or Key West.

Each itinerary for Island Hopping via seaplane is created on an individual basis or you may choose from some of our most popular itineraries. Overwhelmingly, the most popular is originating at Watson Island Seaplane Base or Miami International and flying along The Keys at low-level for incredible aerial sightseeing providing stellar views of the islands as well as wildlife in the water. Passengers often see turtles, rays, dolphin, tarpon and hammerheads with an occasional manatee for the luckiest of guests! As we travel from the mainland along The Keys we'll hop to a spot in The Upper Keys for breakfast or brunch, then continue on to an uninhabited island for splashing, relaxing and snorkeling along side the seaplane. If you think we can't top that experience you'll be thrilled with an island hop to the exclusive Little Palm Island for a late lunch or early dinner. Choose to spend the night in Key West or return the same day. We can also fly this in reverse, such as originating in Key West and hopping our way along The Keys northbound. It's your choice, it's your private seaplane and it's all about you!

Key West Seaplanes® is proud to announce that we have been awarded a coveted Tourism Grant to promote our original "Island Hopping Seaplane Service". This grant comes through VISIT FLORIDA, the state's official source for travel planning. These funds were awarded to Key West Seaplanes® with recognition of our unique "Island Hopping" service which promotes tourism to all The Florida Keys and Key West. This grant is for the 2012-2013 fiscal year. We are thrilled, proud and want to share the islands with you. Let's Fly!


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