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Fly to Key West from anywhere on the mainland! Key West is just a short flight from cities such as Fort Myers and Tampa.

Of course you may also choose a flight originating in Fort Myers or Tampa and terminating at any other airport or water-based landing in the United States, Bahamas and Caribbean. Some examples of common flights are Fort Myers to Key West and Miami, Tampa to The Bahamas, or Fort Myers to Fort Lauderdale. The possibilities are endless! Our private seaplane and airplane charters afford you the greatest freedom and flexibility to travel to almost anywhere….entirley on your schedule!

Our seaplanes are amphibious so we are capable of landing on water and also on land. Imagine the versatility! Key West Seaplanes® can pick you up at a land-based airport, a seaplane base or even your waterfront property. You can originate at a large, International airport such as Tampa International (TPA) or Fort Myers' Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) or along side your private jet at a smaller General Aviation airport such as Fort Myers Page Field (FMY). We service private communities such as Fisher Island and Ocean Reef as well. The options are almost infinite!

All Key West Seaplanes® fights are private and on your schedule so your flights come and go as you schedule them. You will avoid the hassles of long security lines, and the mayhem of the airport crowds. Connecting with us at any airport is simple and stress-free. Once you board your private charter with us, your vacation has already begun!

Key West Seaplanes® private charter fares are based on itinerary, dates of travel, number of passengers, weights of individual passengers and the volume/weights of all luggage. We offer a fleet of aircraft options and will choose one that best suits your needs. Key West Seaplanes® offers seaplane charters as well as regular airplane (wheeled airplane) charter options.

Visit the Gallery below for photos of Key West, photos of some of our planes as well as photos of the some originating airports in your area.




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