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Key West Seaplanes® private and exclusive charters fly essentially daily to the amazing tropical getaway, Little Palm Island, hidden in The Florida Keys away from everything noisy and populated ….it is the island getaway you crave. Little Palm Island is accessible only via seaplane or via private ferryboat or yacht. Allow Key West Seaplanes® private seaplane charters to take you from almost anywhere on the mainland or in The Keys to Little Palm Island for an overnight stay or even simply for breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner! Key West Seaplanes® exclusive seaplane charters often transports passengers via private seaplane from locations such as Watson Island Seaplane Base to Little Palm Island, from Miami International/Ft. Lauderdale International to Little Palm Island as well as Naples and Sarasota to Little Palm Island. Our seaplanes are amphibious so they are capable of landing on water as well as on land. So we can originate at any airport, big or small as well as water-based points such as Watson Island Seaplane Base  near Miami's South Beach or your private waterfront home such as Fisher Island. Key West Seaplanes® can take you from almost anywhere direct to Little Palm Island!

Key West Seaplanes® offers comfortable, exclusive private seaplane charters using a fleet of Cessna 206 and Cessna 172 amphibious seaplanes direct to Little Palm Island. These Key West Seaplanes® seaplanes offer private seaplane charters to those seeking an immediate tropical getaway. From the moment you board your private Key West Seaplanes® charter you are already on vacation! Your private Key West Seaplanes® seaplane charter takes you direct to a dockside destination on Little Palm Island where you will be greeted by Little Palm staff ready to welcome you to your tropical island getaway, whether it be for an overnight stay, a week-long stay or simply a visit for a seaplane lunch or seaplane dinner. Allow the Key West Seaplanes® staff the opportunity to also help arrange your day on Little Palm Island!

Key West Seaplanes® is the proud provider of the Ultimate Island Seaplane Picnic as featured by The Travel Channel. Our Key West Seaplanes® pilots have over 30 years of local Keys and South Florida (as well as Bahamas and Caribbean) flying experience and are excited to share their knowledge of the area with you by escorting you on your private Key West Seaplanes® seaplane charter for your Key West Seaplanes® Ultimate Island Seaplane Picnic….to your own private island or sand bar for your Ultimate Little Palm Island Luncheon. Key West Seaplanes® owners/pilots Julie and Nikali are long term Key West residents, "locals", having lived here together for over 30 years. Allow Key West Seaplanes® pilots to showcase the local islands and sand bars for you!

Key West Seaplanes® also offers Little Palm Island Seaplane Aerial photography opportunities, Key West Seaplanes® lighthouse tours, Key West Seaplanes® Eco-tours, Key West Seaplanes® weddings and commitment ceremonies, Key West Seaplanes® private charters for the day from Little Palm Island to Key West and Marathon for the day, for lunch or even for dinner….all to guests staying at Little Palm Island. Key West Seaplanes® often provides private seaplane charter service to/from Little Palm Island for the day to The Bahamas and Caribbean! Allow Key West Seaplanes® to share our world with you!

Contact Key West Seaplanes® for further information about private seaplane charters to/from Little Palm Island as well as seaplane sightseeing flights for guests staying at Little Palm Island. Key West Seaplanes® staff are happy to assist with booking seaplane charter services to Little Palm Island as well as helping you to arrange your stay at Little Palm Island. One call or email to Key West Seaplanes® and we can arrange your island getaway for breakfast, lunch, brunch,  dinner or for the overnight stay that will recharge your battery and may just change your whole outlook on life! Come, Fly with us ……and Come, Get Away!

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